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Massage with Benefits

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Tina was a middle class housewife with a normal lifestyle. A live at home Mum though, she had felt the financial pinch over the past few years as her husband's salary had been frozen and prices had gone through the roof. Her boredom and desire to earn a bit of money of her own led her to train as a masseuse. What she didn't consider was the effect that applying massage to hot male, and female, bodies was going to have on her own highly strung sex drive:


'Ricky didn’t waste any time with theory lessons; he was very hands on. Pulling Candy out straight away, he sent her to change into her towel while he prepared his table and oils. Lying her on her front, he arranged the towel to bare her back and began to knead and rub her muscles. Tina was transfixed and had to really concentrate on the lesson. The whole scene was a tableau of sensuality and was frankly almost erotic. And then, when she was invited to run her hands over the gorgeous young woman; feeling her muscles move beneath her hands and smelling her musky scent, she nearly came on the spot. By the time the hour was over, Tina had to rush home for relief.

Previously published as 'The Masseuse.'

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