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Gender Change Collection #1 (Gender Transformation Erotica)

Length: 131 pages1 hour


A collection of three previously-published tales of magical revenge, each centered on one or more men transformed into sexy young women and living with the consequences.

Over 33,000 words of gender transformation fun! These tales involve body modification, oral and anal gangbangs, magical alteration, and degrading humiliations galore!

Includes the following stories previously published by Tabitha Kohls:

Wishing Stone Revenge: College student Sandra finds a stone that grants her wishes, and sets out to turn her cheating ex-boyfriend into the campus slut!

Wishing Stone Revenge 2: In this sequel to Wishing Stone Revenge, Sandra continues her reign of terror, using her wishing stone to get revenge on an old enemy.

Gender Transformation Revenge: After his angry girlfriend swaps bodies with him as punishment for cheating on her, Tyler seeks his own revenge by using his new female body to set his girlfriend up for a humiliating fate.

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