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Reciprocal Paranoia

613 pages7 hours


RECIPROCAL PARANOIA is a hard hitting space opera/ scifi adventure. It is the FOURTH book in the Contact series (after Redemption Protocol, Remission Praxis and Recidivist Paradox).

‘A hell of a read! Thrills and spills, heart stopping moments, laugh out loud humor, gripping horror and packed with cool technology.’ C. RILEY

‘I loved it! I’ve been waiting for Bob Stone to reappear for two books and it was worth the wait! What a ride!’ L. WELLS

‘Great entertainment! Fantastic characters, incredible imagination and compulsive, page turning action. Occasionally hilarious.’ J. HARRIS

Trust no one...

There is no trust in the system as the Talmas-infected advance their agenda and civilizations prepare for war. The remnants of the Alliance team flee the towers while, beneath the surface, Stone is oblivious to the People’s Republic marines as they close in for the kill...

Rated [R]. Violence, sex, profanity.

US English. 115,000 words.

About the author. To give his stories a realistic edge, Mike has been bitten by a snake, suffered frost bite, had his wayward yacht sink under him during a force nine gale, held a NATO TOP SECRET security classification and been serially used by a string of beautiful women. He is scared of horses and lives in a sprawling metropolis, where there are none.

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