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Who's Colleen Sutton?

Length: 136 pages2 hours


Eve Summers goes on a weekend trip to find her biological mother. But instead she winds up in a cabin in the woods along with no memory. Things take an interesting turn when Ted Daily, owner of the cabin shows up and Eve tells him that it's her cabin.
With no memory of her past, Eve is befriended by Adele Snowdon who gives her a job in her diner. Calling herself Colleen Sutton, she is surprised when people start thinking they've seen a ghost. Especially, Octavious Blanchard the town's weirdo.
When he kindnaps Eve and takes her to his mother's old house, Ted and the chief of police get on his trail.
Will they arrive in time to save Eve from Octavious's crazy clutches? And who the heck is Colleen Sutton anyway?

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