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Corruption, Stop it!

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The Power to Move

This is creative non-fiction about the pains of African youths struggling to break-free from captivity of corrupt leaders and taskmasters to move to the top. It is about the ravages of Corruption and Company in Nigeria and how they hold citizens in bondage. It is the memoir of the crash and rise of the storyteller to the top.

The story is about people moving to their Promised Land despite challenges. It tickles the imagination of the reader for self discovery, delivers a message that moves people to action, and inspires youths of any nation groaning under the bondage of modern day Pharaohs to fight for freedom and change.
The Pharaohs are the corrupt leaders, dictators, wicked and violent people, poverty, disease, scarcity, immorality, terrible systems and bad infrastructure crippling citizens of sub-Saharan Africa. The youths in captivity are crying out for freedom. They want to break free. This is the story of their market potential, their 12 tribes, identity, culture, passion, values, lifestyle, conflicts, and rescue.
The story unveils Nigeria’s vibrant and determined youths who are rebranding their country and changing her perception in the international community of nations. It demonstrates their talents in action, their dreams, pains, demands, and movement.
The theme is freedom and leadership. The setting is Nigeria, the background African, the thrust is movement, the context is branding, the flavor is biblical and the universal message nourishes and empowers. The book inspires and directs, entertains, and moves the reader to the top.

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