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Key West Murders: Book One

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In the middle of the night, Louise Jorgensen sees a bleeding naked boy running down the street in front of her house. She takes him in long enough to clothe him and find out his name and age, and then she calls the police for help. As Louise watches the Key West Police car leaving with 12-year-old Kim Lee in the backseat, she feels grateful that he’s now safe. What she doesn’t know is that the next time she sees the boy, all that will be left of him is his decapitated head.

Kim Lee’s death and dismemberment might have been the end of the story...but in Key West, the official city motto is: We Are One Human Family, and Louise Jorgensen and her friends take that statement literally. In spite of police cover-ups and deadly threats from the authorities, Louise and her friends are determined to get justice for Kim...but tragically, the price they pay will haunt their lives forever.

Based on a true event, it’s quite likely that Kim Lee’s fate will haunt you, too, and force you question everything you think you know about human behavior—the good, the bad, and the grotesquely depraved.

Adult language and situations.

A Story Ripped From the Headlines That Will Rip Out Your Heart

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