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Scattered Ashes: Dread Repose

Length: 221 pages3 hours


Living in the desert wasteland of Texas was no one’s idea of paradise, but when Nate is imbued with electric powers, it seems as though all of his troubles have finally gone away. After spending years digging their way out of a decimated America, he and his adopted father, Abe, have finally secured their way to the promised land: Archadia.

Things aren't what they seem, however, when Abe and Nate are taken prisoner by the Archan commander Yuri Xiao. After being knocked unconscious and placed in separate prisons, it becomes Abe's mission to find a way to escape his new hell and rescue Nate at all costs. However, during the escape attempt and with the help of some new friends, he soon finds himself the center of a revolution that could have far reaching effects.

Dread Repose takes place following the events of Scattered Ashes; a future fiction adventure set in the wastelands of America where everyone searches for a better tomorrow.

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