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Wise Street Rap Vs Gentle Rhyme

Length: 43 pages15 minutes


‘Wise St. Rap Vs Gentle Rhyme’; (©2013); is an alliance of the authors poetical ideal and realism; this work is firmly based in modern urban culture. However, it also incorporates a homage to the tradition of the literary sublime, with its respect for nature and its love for life. These contrasting themes are inter-played throughout the book; a relationship between hope and frustration. They encompasses life’s romantic reality, so, advice for the young in rap, may be reiterated through memories of love, and an erring spirit in more traditional rhyme. Respect for nature is adhered to but hardened by the awareness of industrial and political realities of today’s societies. Above all the book offers a spirit of aspiration amidst what could been seen as a tenuous modern equality. It is informative for the young, pensive for the mature, but above all very entertaining. An open mind is all that is required to enjoy this subtly honed poetry.

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