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Poetry For All Those Breathing

Length: 79 pages17 minutes


A collection of poems by Amy Marschak. They are simple poems that will make you think. Here's what other reader's have said:

"I just finished re-reading your poems 'Poetry for All Those Breathing' for the fourth time since I bought is a fantastic collection..." Michael T., Boulder, CO

"I read your poetry book and was completely taken by what you wrote...Reading your poetry book was like looking inside myself...I keep your book by my nightstand. I read it at night. I read it as a bible, I read it as a form of serenity, I read it as a form of understanding, it is my companion when I feel alone." Stacy R., Winnipeg, MB

"I love the book and keep it at my desk at work." Georgia G., Seattle, WA

"I sat down to read a few poems out of your poetry book and I couldn't put it down..(I have) a poet friend, Leslie. I showed her your book and she made me loan it to her..." Becky Mate, The Reader’s Writer, Glendale, CA

"I stumbled across your book 'Poetry for All Those Breathing and I was instantly hooked...I felt like someone gotten a hold of my journal and published it. I loved it! " Amy F., Wheaton, IL

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