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The Innocent Children

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Human Trafficking is a 35 Billion Dollar a year business. Adults and children are forced into sweat shops, farm work, organ donation, private homes, anywhere for the right price. Globally, the average price that is paid for a slave is $90.
Most of the victims, 80% of them, are put into the sex trade. They are sold to pimps, brothels, couples, serial killers, pedophiles, sadists, anyone. The traffickers, snakeheads, don't care about those they sell or who buys them, nor what happens to them. They are all just items to sell, and there are many willing buyers.
The biggest demand is for the children whose ages range from 6 to nineteen. The average age is 11, and once put into the sex trade, these children have a life expectancy of seven years.
In the US the numbers keep rising. Runaway children, unhappy orphans and fostered kids, are lured or are taken, then put into a living hell. Drugged, tortured, repeatedly raped, then cast out with the garbage when they are of no further use. This happens in every state.
The children can be saved and often are, thanks to the FBI and diligent citizens. They do recover somewhat from their ordeals and go on to have a regular lives. If they are found.

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