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Heartless: A Journey to Second Earth

Length: 401 pages4 hours


Charlene Watkins has put together a crew of four scientists and one highly intelligent little girl, who are willing to go where others fear to tread. They travel on a starship that was built with the best technological components known to man. However, the ship has a human component...a former death row inmate, Sansker, who did not sign up for the trip or the enhancements that came with it. Moreover, he will not be controlled by anyone.

He escapes, sparing their lives in the process. When the wounded crew finally makes it to the life-supporting planet, they meet Sansker again – this time, he is the one with the power.

Their lives become a dance of strife, love, and understanding. The former enemies will form a bond that transcends their initial strife...if they can survive the experience.

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