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The Finisher

Length: 396 pages7 hours


Tommy Nguyen Morris was raised in a deeply structured Catholic home for boys, hating every minute of it and as soon as he was able to leave, he joined the Air Force. Rising rapidly through the ranks, he is commissioned as an officer and completes the three year program to become a pararescue officer and due to his exemplary marksmanship earns the coveted sniper badge.

Born of a Green Beret Special Forces black father and a half-Caucasian/ half Vietnamese mother, both of which died when he was very young, he is often mistaken as to his race. He has a long, muscled, and much bullet-scarred torso and with his naturally peculiar looks attracts attention from women wherever he goes.

Seeking help to deal with his nightmares from Iraq and Afghanistan, he enlists the help of the Veteran’s Administration and is assigned a retired female Army Colonel who ultimately becomes his lover. In the interest of mending his broken mind, she suggests he find employment with an old friend of hers who is the District Attorney for Harris County, Texas and also a ex-Special Forces soldier.

The money is very attractive to the ex-pararescue Captain and the mission he is offered is taking the fight to the Human Traffickers who operate with near impunity. Each completed mission reaps incredible sums of dirty tax free money and being briefed about his targets makes killing them almost a public service.

The trouble with operating outside of the law is the distinction between right and wrong becomes blurred. It is an almost near perfect life for Tommy.


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