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The Ledgend of Tobias Adams

Length: 81 pages1 hour


‘well sur you know I told you I did not like to go into the house.’
‘yes I was wondering about that tom.’
‘well sur it’s like this you know the story of tobias adams and how he was a miser and in the beginning a gambler and how he ran away to the americas for twenty years then returned to england and to the manse and then how he became a miser.’
‘well the man who tobias owed the money to find out that tobias was back in the country with a fortune.
and he set about getting his money back he burst in on tobias with a couple of his men and they tortured tobias but he would not tell them where his money was hidden.
well that guys name was robert marley but he never got his money he tortured tobias to death and that’s what brings me to telling you about.
you see tobias is still guarding his money and according to the legend the money has never been found, and you see the only time I ventured into the house and i was in the kitchen just looking to see if everything was ok that’s when I heard him crying out, and I can tell you sur it shook me to the bone and just the first day I met you it took me ten minutes just to come into the hall to call for bob, now I don’t want your good lady being scared so for my sake sur don’t come to live in this house that’s why I wanted to see you on your own so as not to frighten your good lady.’
‘well thank you tom for worrying about jean but believe me it wouldn't make a hipbath of difference to her she does not scare easily and I think I would be more frightened than she would, but tell me tom what was it you heard.’
‘well sur as I was saying I was in the kitchen when I heard this awful low voice say, no you won't get my money marley I’d kill first, and that’s not what give me the willies sur no it was the tone of the voice that frightened me I was out of that house like a shot from a gun and the other day when I came to meet you was the first time that I entered the house since I heard that voice.’
‘well I’ll let jean know what you told me but I know she will just laugh at it.’
‘well sur I just wanted to warn you and I did now good luck sur.’
‘oh you're not thinking of packing your job in are you tom.’
‘oh no sur no I’ll desert you never.’

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