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An Introduction to Shadow

300 pages4 hours


The door between our world and shadow has been opened.

When he is saved at the last moment from a monstrous attack, Malcolm, a homeless teenager, follows his savior into a foreign, new world of soldiers and monsters, of masters and mad men, where good and evil clash over the fate of the world.

“An Introduction to Shadow”, an adventure horror novel, centers on Malcolm, who is suddenly introduced to a world he never realized existed: a world where the Fallen, monstrous beings whose only existence is to kill, steal and destroy have the capacity to take over the bodies of the living, and the Awakened, warriors exclusively chosen by a mysterious Creator. He soon finds that these two groups have battled for centuries over the lives of mere mortals. As Malcolm is drawn deeper and deeper into this conflict, a war he neither knew nor asked to know about, he must face not only the Fallen, who seem intent on destroying him, but his own inner demons as well. To even participate, he must receive power, he must learn to wield what is placed inside of him and he must learn to traverse the very shadow that wants him dead.

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