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Rochester Rewritten: Rochester in the Alternative

Length: 332 pages5 hours


What would Rochester be like with a different history?

Rochester-area authors and poets take you on a journey through alternate histories, presents, and futures of our famous North Coast city. These Rochesters may not be places you recognize immediately, and you will soon see they are more unusual than you ever imagined. Welcome to Rochester in the alternative...

Foreword by Mike Resnick.

Featured stories:
“The Laws of Attraction” - Nick DiChario & Morgan Grant Buchanan
“Polaroid” - Jacob Pelow
“So Far Away” - David Pascal
“The Zauber City” - Steven Donner
“The Piper” - Margie Hillenbrand
“Harlequin Hunt” - Adele Ciccaglione
“Start Anywhere” - Rob Tyler
“Unconnected” - Don Voorhies
“High Falls” - Tom Moran
“Vixxed” - Kim A. Gillett
“Designing Rochester” - Ruhan Zhao
“Have Gavel, Will Travel” - Bo Shoemaker
“The Doctor of Chaos” - Len Messineo
“Thousand Worlds Gate” - Muxing Zhao
“Like Pharaoh Unto Joseph” - Gary A. Mitchell
“Secrets” - Flora Xia
“On the Skids” - Lynn Spitz
“A Few Acres of Snow” - Ted Wenskus
“A Man Outside” - Liam Henrie

Edited by David Henn, Jennifer Moser Jurling, Lynn Spitz, and Ted Wenskus

Cover design and photography by Alan Vincent Michaels

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