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Spur of the Moment

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Marcia Laycock, pastor's wife and mother of three, has obviously struggled with God during her colorful life. Her recent book, The Spur of the Moment, spans years, provinces and continents as she outlines her journey to bridge the gap between herself and God. Through the short devotional chapters, she opens wide her life at the vulnerable moments of suffering and breath-taking moments of awe, and interweaves biblical truths.

Whether Laycock was standing on the shore of Lake Superior, rafting down the Yukon River or exploring caves in Papau New Guinea, she listened for the voice of God the Creator. Another author, Hugh Smith, reveals the essence of her work, "Marcia Laycock has a gift for collecting and polishing the dusty stones of everyday life." Laycock has a knack for using personal experiences to deepen thoughts about God's existence and care. Like a friend who is willing to share a private reflection with you across the kitchen table, Laycock lays out her soul for others to benefit.

While there are many who will find the book easy to identify with, Laycock believes there are some the book will touch in a special way. "People who are hurting in some way, perhaps by the church or those who have closed themselves off from God but want to find their way back," these are the people The Spur of the Moment was meant for.

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