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You Bet Your Life: A Playful Look at the Sports and Recreation of the Corporate American Life

Length: 375 pages5 hours


“Fascinating” “Highly Engaging” “Intriguing”

Mr. Blue, Jr. did not know how to begin to fill his father’s shoes as the CEO of the American Collectibles Exchange (ACE). However, the throne was thrust upon him following his father’s untimely death. Only he and the mortician knew there wasn’t much of a body to bury.

Taking the company into the 21st century was not going to be easy. His Chief of Staff, B.B. Queen, seemed to be getting with the program, while other sales executives were lagging behind. Faced with constant threats from those challenging his authority and the voice of Mr. Blue, Sr. echoing in his head, he and others find themselves involved in a series of games with plots and twists that keep them all on their toes, everyone vying for the prize. Who will advance? And who will be sent packing?

In the highly competitive world of Corporate America, it’s time to take a step back and assess our own inauthentic journeys, poking fun at the games we play, the rules we succumb to, and the “winners” we aspire to be.

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