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Invent A Brighter Future: How to Win at Inventing, Patenting, Marketing & Funding

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KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Don’t be the one without it.

Invent A Brighter Future is packed with valuable excerpts from Mastering Technology Commercialization, Steve Overholt’s high-powered book on inventions, technologies, and how they are marketed and financed.

This is a great read if you want to learn just a bit more about the complex and demanding process–maybe because you aren’t yet sure if you want to pursue your great dream or perhaps because you’re pressed for time.

You get the inside scoop on: Starting a Business; Money from Angels and VCs; Patents & Trademarks; Market Research; Prototyping; Domestic & International Manufacturing; Supply Management; Sales & Marketing; Licensing; Money-saving Tips, and more.

Here’s what others have to say about Mastering Technology Commercialization, the source book for Invent A Brighter Future:

"Mastering Technology Commercialization is an encyclopedia for anyone trying to take an invention and turn it into a successful business. Steve Overholt, who has counseled countless entrepreneurs from startup to exit, has taken his high-priced consulting knowledge and distilled it into a book that contains hundreds of nuggets of 'wisdom' and an impressive list of 'pitfalls' to avoid. The book is worth it simply for the section that explains the complex dance of funding. From dilution to valuation to the art of the pitch. This section is gold! Any budding technology entrepreneur would do well to keep this book on their desk and use it to guide their path to success."

Terrell Jones
Founder, Travelocity
Chairman, Kayak
Author, On Innovation

“I am often confronted with the "build it and they will come" entrepreneurial approach to starting a business, especially by engineers. The need is often identified, but the business plan is lacking in the 5P's of product definition vis a vis the market, pricing, packaging, promotion and product launch. Steve has provided a great primer identifying how to avoid the pitfalls, but more importantly of suggesting solutions to ensure success. I give the book a definite thumbs-up!”

Kathy Misunas
Former CIO American Airlines
Former CEO Sabre Holdings

“Real information for real entrepreneurs (based on real world experience, not Cinderella stories).

While most books tell of the experiences of the top 5% of entrepreneurs, this book explains the realities that need to be considered by the other 95% of us.

This book distinguishes the reality of entrepreneurship from the dream of entrepreneurship. An important distinction that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Thank you for the book and insight. Good stuff.”

George Arenas
CEO, Armarko Inc.

Steve Overholt spent eight years as a technology commercialization consultant, mentoring more than 100 entrepreneurs through the arduous process, helping his clients secure millions of dollars in investment capital, and grooming them for successful exits.

Steve has conducted R & D at Fortune 500 and other large corporations, where he received three U.S. patents for his inventions.

He also has invented products on his own and formed companies to manufacture and market them, receiving two patents in these efforts and winning several international awards for product innovation. His products have been on the market for over 15 years.

Steve has started and run companies with international reach, written and co-written business plans for his entrepreneurial ventures that have received over $2 million in angel and VC investments, and made presentations to venture capitalists on both coasts.
One of the businesses that he started was sold to a NASDAQ-listed company.

Mostly, though, Steve enjoys applying his knowledge and experience toward assisting other entrepreneurs like you.

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