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Snow in Hell

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The 81 Dimensions
From the very beginning, worlds had gradually been created until there were eighty one within the whole of time and space. The Universe, which I’m sure you’re all quite familiar with, is one of them. Now the first question I’m always asked is why eighty one? Why not a more well-rounded number like one hundred? Well, as space is constantly expanding, only eighty one have been created. We still have a few human centuries to wait for the next one. As different worlds are being created at different times, they are all different when it comes to development. For example, the world Nillus, number eight one, is in a dreadful state at the moment, full of unstable grounds and overruled by war.
The Universe, which you may be unaware of, is still viewed as an undeveloped world, lacking adequate travel and knowledge. A lot of things that the people there believe to be myth are in fact living, breathing and extremely real. At the beginning of our story, no human being has found any sign of life, nor ventured out into space for many years.
The funny thing about the Universe is that the human race still believes black holes consume matter, well yes this is partly true, but, if used correctly, they also transport matter. In fact, black holes are the only current known mode of transportation throughout space to take people to different worlds. Every single world is connected via black holes. Each two worlds have their own individual black hole leading on to another. As there are eighty one different worlds, each contains eighty black holes. So you can imagine it’s a bit annoying if you end up getting your directions mixed up and fall through the wrong one.

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