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Paying The Rent

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Steve hated this part of being a landlord - chasing tenants who refused to pay their rent. Collaring Eric wasn't too difficult, he was a creature of habit and not too bright. As they sat together in the lounge of the flat, Steve and Eric were interrupted by Eric's new girlfriend, a gorgeous blonde student called Lisa. Steve changed the plan and invited the couple around for dinner with him and his wife. Eric now had the means to pay his rent - Lisa!
While Lisa prevaricated, Helen walked around to stand behind her and put her hands on the young woman’s shoulders. “No need to be nervous, it’s only us girls,” she said, unzipping the young woman’s dress and letting it drop to the floor. “Do you want to do the bra?” she added, “or shall I?”
Lisa was clearly not going to get away with it. She shrugged and reached behind her to unclip the little brassiere and remove it, standing in her landlords’ dining room topless.
“Wow, she really is a prize,” said Steve, who had quietly come back in just in time to get a real treat. He stood and looked the girl slowly up and down, noting her perky little breasts which were clearly full enough to jiggle delightfully when she moved; a theory he was definitely going to have to put to the test. The rest of her was just delicious too. “You are gorgeous, Lisa,” he added.

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