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Requiem for a Dream: The Complete Book

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Tropical Storms, Friend Zone, The Magaram Legends, The Night Sculptor Series, and now, Requiem for a Dream...

" doubt you think me mad or even worse—a liar. I can say with complete confidence that not a word I have written was a lie to me."


On the day 16 year old Judas Stoker III loses his mother to a car accident he finds his reality splintered to the core. Having inner struggles troubling him even from a young age and no immediate family, he is committed to a psychiatric hospital. But the arrival of a mysterious stranger seems to be his salvation as he sent him to live with his estranged great grandfather in upstate New York.

Haunted by his mother’s disembodied spirit, Judas arrives at the manor. But there is no sign whatsoever of his missing relative. With the aid of Dolores Humbert and pure desperation on his part, he ventures deep into the manor to answer his own questions, find his great grandfather and escape from the big house with his mind still intact.

Because there is danger lurking inside the manor and he is unfortunately trapped. As he desperately holds on to his reality, he realizes that manor is a labyrinth that leads to an absolute horror and evil that never even graced his dreams.

With the manor making him wonder what is real and what is not and madness slowly seeping into his consciousness, will he be able to awaken from this nightmare? Will he be able to save his mind and soul?

Will he be able to survive at all?

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“You don’t have to run anymore Judas,” Bast’s melodious, tinkling voice floated through my head and I hazily turned to look at her. She looked once more like a white – clad angel who had kissed me that night in this very courtyard so many weeks ago. Her huge, luminous eyes were shining in the glowing light and I stared at them unabashedly.

“What do you mean?” I whispered.

“I will bring you peace!” She caressed my face exactly how my mother had done when I was a child and I closed my eyes as she pulled me close to her. Her lips found my ear and she spoke to me softly. “You will feel no more hurt, no more sorrow, no more fatigue. It will be as though you lived a long full life of experiences and happiness. Time will have no meaning and you will see everything as you were meant to. You and Dolores, I will start you both off where it should have been. What you will experience is the perfect life. All we ask is that you let go. Surrender, Judas.”

“Surrender...” the word slipped from my numbed lips and I blinked. A hot wetness surged behind my eyes, unmerciful and burning. “Surrender...” The word had a deceptively peaceful sound to it, and I was tired; so very tired. '

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