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Focalizing Dynamic Links: A Human Technology for Collectively Engaging Source Energy & Creating A Better Future

Length: 86 pages1 hour


It is clear we are in the middle of a crisis and that at the same time there are good possibilities available to us. The evolution of humanity is at a turning point. The perceived “right way” to do things has been anything but.

Seeing individuals as only that, and not also as part of a larger whole, has gotten us where we are today. We need new human technologies that respectfully and effectively bridge the arc from outdated paradigms to emerging new awareness.

Focalizing Dynamic Links is presented as such a technology, bringing a conscious intention to relationship so that the energy shared and exchanged is for the good of each person, and for the good of us all. As such, it provides the opportunity for connecting and communicating in a new way, effecting transformation through our institutions and organizations.

Dynamic Linking provides a bigger picture of “now” along with points of projection that can help participants to sense the way things might be.

Focalizing Dynamic Links is the second in a series of three books about the human technology of Focalizing. The first, Focalizing Source Energy, provides a means for transcending talk therapy with a no-shame, no-blame, right-here, right-now healing method. Dr. Picucci is currently writing the final book in the series.

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