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Tempted (Incubus #2)

Length: 23 pages20 minutes


For incubus Kit, waking up in bed with smoking hot sorcerer Sebastian is terrifying. Because if Kit ever gives into his intense desire for Sebastian, Sebastian will be able to claim him body and soul forever. It’s a fate Kit both craves and fears. But Sebastian is so smoulderingly irresistible that even with the threat of eternal servitude, Kit still wants to be claimed...

5500-word MM erotic romance.


“Good morning, kitten.”

Kit’s heavy eyes fluttered open, everything a blur, then sank shut. It was too much effort to wake up; he could barely open his eyes. He snuggled deeper into the warm arms wrapped around him, the cosy duvet draped over him, not wanting to move. He was so comfortable he could have dozed forever.

A deep chuckle rumbled through the hard chest beneath his cheek. “Kitten?”

“Stop calling me that,” Kit grumbled, half-heartedly. He rubbed his cheek against the chest he was trying to sleep on, enjoying the warmth, the steady heartbeat. Kit could not remember ever waking up like this before. Held. Protected. Safe.

One finger lifted his chin, and Kit forced his sleepy eyes open. He found himself staring into an intense blue gaze that stopped his breath; his stomach tightened, his throat went dry just from that one look. He was twined around a scorchingly hot man who was awake and smouldering at him. Black hair, blue eyes, powerful frame. Wicked smile. The man was all too familiar.

Kit froze. He now realised who he had snuggled into so trustingly.

Sebastian. Sorcerer. His captor. The man intent on claiming him forever as his incubus servant. And Kit was now draped all over his delicious, hot, muscular body.

Kit must be out of his mind. Because he was feeling the traitorous urge to lick this man all over. He wondered what those muscles would taste like under his tongue. Whether they would contract when he licked them.

“Sleep well?” Sebastian’s eyes crinkled at the corners with amusement. Maybe he could tell Kit was currently fantasising about him.

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