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Soft Shock

Length: 339 pages6 hours


Man-eater Marci King uses men and tosses them aside like so many McDonalds napkins. As a busy grad student, she doesn’t have time for relationships. Besides, she considers this a preemptive strike against the battlefield that is love.

Owen Matthis is a serial monogamist. Ever since his last girlfriend left him for a trust fund baby, he’s been looking to replace her. He seems to be looking in all the wrong places, though. Until one fateful day when he encounters a beautiful woman in a very unfortunate way.

Marci becomes the victim of a bike vs. pedestrian accident when Owen crashes into her one morning and scalds her with her own coffee. Marci has no desire to see Owen again no matter how attractive he is. Too bad. Because Owen is immediately smitten with Marci. One night, a little too much bravado on Marci’s part and a crazy bet draw Marci and Owen together again. She can’t deny that she wants his body. Owen wants a relationship. Marci doesn’t do relationships, but the two of them work out a friends-with-benefits deal. The deal seems like a good idea at first, but both of them will end up with plenty of buyer’s remorse.

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