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The Seminarian

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The Seminarian is the story of a young man who survives child abuse; and his fight to regain self-worth. He expects to find peace and safety in the seminary where he desires to become a Catholic priest. In his third year in the seminary he is forced to endure the sadistic hatred and torture of the new prior, whose only desire is to get rid of this seminarian.

The story is filled with suspense, mystery intrigue. The sadistic Prior who has a surprising and unexpected secret; has infiltrated the Catholic Church as a priest. This secret involves war crimes and notorious associates.

The Prior is selected to run and oversee Augustinian Academy, a seminary on Staten Island, New York. The problems for the Seminarian (Tony Saleem) begin when the prior suspects that Tony knows his true identity. The prior is able to bring another person from his past to the seminary as his head disciplinarian of Augustinian Academy.

The reasons for their suspicions and the intriguing way that Tony is able to stay ahead of these two, sets the stage for a suspense filled tale of mystery and intrigue. The book goes through several surprising twists and turns; and ends with the biggest surprise of all. It is not only thought provoking; but also, a page-turner of tension and cliff-hangers. The "Seminarian" ends with inspiration and hope; which will cause you to feel the joy and victory of those who are able to overcome adversities; which are against all odds.

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