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Killing Me Softly

Length: 270 pages4 hours


Detective Chief Inspector Allison and Sergeant Mark Stringer have the chilling task of tracking down a serial killer who is to terrify a city with his bizarre and cold-blooded murders of innocent women. They are ordinary men with human frailties and too much to do.
The psychological profile of the killer is meticulously pieced together to reveal a suave, sophisticated seducer of women. He uses his deadly charm and good looks to lure his victims to horrifying deaths.
A complex and incestuous relationship with his conspiring mother, coupled with dark and contradictory religious beliefs, drives the killer to frenzied heights of atrocity.
The police must delve into the mind of this twisted serial killer and explore his disturbing relationship with his mother in order to free the city from its fear. When they find him and trap him, he is taken off the streets but it is not the end... Not by a long way...

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