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For the Love of God: His Heart, Our Purpose

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From the days of Eden through Christ's return, the Bible weaves the story of the greatest love, the greatest struggle between good and evil, and the greatest purpose of the human creature. You were created ultimately For the Love of God, and in the pages of God's Word we find the age-old story of His relentless pursuit of YOU.

We all have questions that only God can answer:
What is the meaning of my life?
What did Christ really go through on the Cross?
Why is there suffering in the world?
How much does God really love me?
What exactly is required in order to know for certain that I have Christ with me now, and that I will go to Heaven some day?

Author Johnny D. Taylor takes us on a journey through the ages, from creation to the end of time, and helps us experience and understand the great Plan of the Almighty, His wondrous work of Redemption, and the greatest Love Story ever told.

Through the Bible's pages, throughout all the ages, we understand that ultimately everything exists...
For the Love of God

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