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Dear Reader,

I’m on my own now. Trying to deal with the news that has sent my world into a tailspin, is consuming my existence.
The only highlight, was that Harland finally kissed me. Right after I was shot by my father. I doubt it was some foolish romantic last kiss, more like he was trying to save my life.

However, the excitement over Harland's first kiss, is overshadowed by the fact that now we have joined, Ambrosia will follow through on her threat to tear the Earth apart.
Right now, as I scrawl this on a scrap of paper, I just want you to know that I'm trying my hardest to solve this issue. Which involves doing some crazy stuff, that I would never have thought of before.
Anyway whenever you look at a picture of David Caspar, wish him all the best. If you should ever meet him, tell him that Nyssa loves him, regardless of where she is in the universe.

Storm Nyssa Navitas
PS: I truly hate my first name. But I guess that’s what I get for having new-age parents.

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