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Child of Destiny

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Born in 1980, ten years after the revolution, Azeha, now sixteen years of age, rebels against the restrictions of Sharia law and the teachings of her grandfather. She explodes into a life outside of her traditional family values and when placed under house arrest escapes into the safe custody of a local women’s political organization. She meets and falls in love with an American soldier operating clandestinely in her home town of Asadiyeh and elopes with him back to the United States. A child is born, but is mentally ill, and her dream becomes a nightmare. Her privileged western life style deteriorates and she finds herself estranged from her husband and on the streets. Constantly on the move a private detective eventually tracks her down. Released from prison on a technicality, she returns to the small coastal town where her baby lies buried, in search of peace and the love she imagined as a young woman.

In Child of Destiny Azeha mirrors the restlessness character in all of us, innocent yet flawed, a soul in search of a lost identity.

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