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Length: 218 pages3 hours


Anobar far out on the Galactic rim was meant to be a new colony, a new beginning, free from the mistakes of the past. Till the Malstrom Corporation seized control in a hostile takeover and subjugated their world. Now a small band of rebels lead by a mysterious hooded stranger must fight against overwhelming odds to discover the secret that lies beneath its surface and use it to gain their freedom.

Locked in a bitter struggle with their arch nemesis Jasper, ruthless in his application of Malstrom's corporate liturgy 'no mercy or compassion for the weak only the spoils of victory for the strong as it was meant to be', they must travel deep beneath the surface of the planet to unlock its secrets.

What is the Malstrom Corporation really after? Who are the shadowy cult know only as the Brethren and how can a man with no past secure their future?

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