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The Evolution of Focalizing: Reducing Suffering and Supporting Possibilities

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The Evolution of Focalizing is based on decades of research on how to stimulate the body and spirit for healing. How the spirit can be further awakened and thrive in new and satisfying ways.

This book gives an overview of some of the most effective areas to start or further enhance a healing journey. The principles within are the corner stones of the focalizing process. Focalizing is a highly effective way of releasing the crippling toxic shame and frozen energies which block our holistic expression. Focalizing allows one a new perspective of who they are, a cleaner less encumbered view. It aids in letting go of old perceptions and trespasses or dissolving frozen, unconscious trauma blocks in one’s body. We then shift perspectives on issues from the past, their intensity, and how they have confined us.

The body’s natural state is one of balance and harmony, throughout our lives we attach to us things that disrupt that harmony. Healing can begin by learning to listen to our bodies and embrace a quest to return to a more natural (less encumbered) state. Through focalizing we trust our hearts and bodies when we allow to ‘surface’ whatever wants healing or clarity. This is done by noticing the felt sensations of one’s body and by creating conditions for these to organically self-resolve, by “giving space” and “resource” (pleasurable energy) to whatever comes up. This is not always an easy task, but with a little practice or in a group well worth the travail. One can be proud of being courageous enough to look within in order to move beyond perceived limitations

When we experience a holistic state of being, we know who we are and no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed by our unique personal history, or the so-called shadow elements of our nature. The Evolution of Focalizing covers diverse topics in self -awareness, each being a portal to the healing process. With the intention of self-betterment it is less important where one starts the healing journey, only that one does start. Being aware of ones own sense of self is a great place to begin healing. This book encourages that process.

The more that people are looking for answers and relief outside traditional psychotherapy methods, the more the concepts in this book are being appreciated, accepted and welcomed. This forward thinking approach to trauma resolution and recovery is allowing people to find true relief though a new human technology. They sense a new freedom from the past and a potential for the future that had previously eluded them.

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