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The Insurrectionist

Length: 309 pages4 hours


Deni Daudov wasn’t just any immigrant; he had the American dream in the palm of his hands. On the surface American life was great, but once Deni started to sink below he found truths were well disguised lies, and the line between love and indifference was an easy one to cross. When the reality of Deni’s existence changed, he faced insurmountable challenges few could understand. There are times a young man must choose his fate. He can live a quiet life and be a digit in the American population, or he could take a stand against his perceived injustices and ultimately face
grave consequences. The measure of a man’s life is what he makes it, and sometimes that measure is insurrection.

Reader review:

"The Insurrectionist is a book with many layers which made it impossible for me to put down. On the first level it is a story about a terribly violent act. This story is then stacked on top of several subplots of the life and background of The Insurrectionist that led him to commit such violence. Intertwined through these layers are many critical historical and political questions of the last century. But I realized by the end of the book that the theme is to tell what the author believes is the true extent of love, both romantic and family love. I highly recommend this complex and compelling book."

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