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If you are interested in the megalithic culture of western Europe and have ever wondered if Plato’s tale of Atlantis might possibly have been based on events during the period when this culture transitioned into a Bronze Age civilization then you might find this book a worthwhile read. The premise is that the Atlantis story became so badly muddled as it was passed on by word of mouth that it is virtually an imaginary one. However if the errors can be identified and removed from the story then the real Atlantis that has been hidden for so many years may be revealed. This may seem like a straightforward strategy, but where it leads is very surprising. It is of course just a theory, and probably not as good as the theory that Plato invented the story of Atlantis, but then again it is a far more interesting possibility. It contends the large island is still there where it always was, perhaps you even live there or have visited it, and that it was only the fabulous seaport that sank beneath the waves.

Published: Mel Nicholls on
ISBN: 9781310186356
List price: $4.00
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