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Young Zachary Case of the Confederate Gold

Length: 163 pages2 hours


With his deerstalker hat and ulster overcoat, he is confident he can solve any puzzle presented to him. Follow young Zachary and three of his friends as they hunt for Confederate Gold.

In 1862 the war Civil was not going well for the Union. The North was on the verge of collapse with rioting in some of its biggest cities. The Confederate President believed he could end the war by causing more problems in the North’s Capital City. He gives three of his men gold coins and sends them to Washington DC. They never arrived and the coins were never found.

This book is for pre-teens and young teens that enjoy a treasure hunt.

I have always enjoyed telling my Grandchildren my stories that I created just for them. Now that they are older, I realized that other Children can enjoy them also. It is my hope that everyone enjoys my stories as much as I enjoy telling them.

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