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Pregnancy and Motherhood: What You Don't Expect. The Journey to Be A Mom

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Is this normal?

When you become pregnant, you have an idea in your mind of what to expect. You read the books, watch the movies, talk to friends, and make your plans. Of course, things rarely work out as we have planned. There is a wide range of what it means to have a normal pregnancy. Even the same woman may not experience the same symptoms two pregnancies in a row. Every baby is different. Every woman is different. Every pregnancy is different.

Uncertainty and confusion can lead to a lot of fear and stress. The best tool to combat fear is information. In these pages you will find:

Detailed descriptions of over 40 pregnancy symptoms
How to cope with needle phobia or a hyper-sensitive gag reflex
Suggestions for your hospital bag and baby supplies
How to recognize a premature rupture of membrane
Labor Tips for things you may not expect
Mommy Tips for after the baby is born
Baby Fun Facts and more.

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