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Total Beach

Length: 475 pages7 hours


When Oregon’s most famous weatherman comes to Surfland, Oregon, in the world’s most expensive RV to meet America’s most famous whale, Jackson Poe knows his ability to find a parking space is pretty much shot to hell. But when a psychotic driver perpetually double-parked in an erogenous zone begins stalking one of Poe’s oldest friends, Poe once again throws down his laptop and dives into his latest mystery. Who wants to kill “Stormy” Steele? And why does Stormy’s boss seem so intent on letting them do it?
In Poe’s biggest adventure yet, he searches for the answers—along with a science teacher with a MacGod complex, a drag queen with a fluctuating number of breasts and a vomiting dog—and discovers that, once again, life is a Total Beach.

“Oregon’s answer to Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry.”
—Sheldon McArthur, North by Northwest Books

“Move over Carl Hiassen, Tim Dorsey, Steve Berry and all the other Florida humor satire writers. A new voice and a very accomplished one I predict will be around for a long time, Howe does for the Oregon Coast what Hiaasen and the others have done for Florida.”
—Sheldon McArthur, North by Northwest Books, on Beach Slapped

“A non-stop laugh you cannot put down.”
—Sheldon McArthur, North by Northwest Books, on The Beach is Back

Barton Grover Howe is an award-winning writer, humor columnist, stand-up comedian and performer who has spends his days finding the humor in life or making it up—sometimes both. When he’s not writing, or joking, he teaches high school, which inspires some of his best jokes. He lives in a small town on the Oregon coast within shouting distance of Surfland with his incredibly patient wife and exasperatingly adorable daughter.

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