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Amorous Pursuits: A Sandra Ross Erotic Romance 2 Plus 1 Bundle Vol. 4

Length: 134 pages1 hour


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, Ralph's Gift, January Morrison Files, and now, our...

Two plus one bundle treat!


An Erotic Romance Collection Volume 4

You're Never Too Late

Christa is getting married. She knows Barry Candler will be a good husband. But the memory of the first man she loved haunts her still...

Ethan Mallory used to be her world even when their worlds didn't mesh well together. He was poor so her rich father didn't want him for his only daughter. They were so in love with each other though and so happy with each other until he suddenly left her and their small town without a word, breaking her heart to a million pieces.

Years later -- and just days before her wedding -- she meets him again. This time, Ethan is a self-made man and not the poor man she used to know.

And he was obviously still in love with her.

Dare she let him back into her life, risk the wrath of her father and break Barry's heart? Will she let the man who'd hurt her more than anyone else in the world hurt her again?

Is it really a choice, when she never really loved anyone like she loved Ethan?

When White Turns Blue

Love flourishes and two hearts vow to be joined for all time...tragedy renders the tapestry and only a flower can restore the bond.

George is a struggling college guy with intense financial issues. In spite of this misfortune, he finds a mitigating circumstance to counter his deeply troubled life situation in the least expected form. A girl. Her name is Sheila.

Youth is no obstacle for them to find true love. They care for and nurture the love that they share because they know they are going to be together - forever. But when a tragedy hit the union of the happy couple, their dreams of happily ever after shatters.

Will love endure all things?


Moving On With Brock

Just when she's thinking of moving on, the tragic past haunts her again.
Portia looses her husband and unborn baby on a terrible tragedy. Two years later, her friends and happy memories of her late husband urge her to move on with her life. She starts dating Brock, and he begins to wake her up to the passionate world of loving.

But someone is determined to prevent Portia from being happy again—and this person's hate threatens to endanger her life. Portia is equally determined not to let the anonymous emails and destructive gift keep her from finally living her life with Brock. Who will prevail? And who is the person mad enough to want to make Portia suffer?

READER ADVISORY: These stories contain contents that some reader may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes.

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