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A Twist of the Sands

Length: 679 pages12 hours


Time has moved on since the events that led to the recovery of the ancient father’s great machine. The machine has restored equilibrium to the world and once again there is a time of peace. Minervar and Iolrreas are living with their people in the great wood, the forest of Gel’Te’Ertenya that covers much of the western half of the continent of Dahl’Ambronis.
Iolrreas’s first born daughter Nar’Allia is no longer a child and no longer living in the north and enduring the squalor of Tent Town. She has come of age and is perhaps struggling a little with what it means to be a young woman in her society. Amongst all this she is busy trying to decide what to do with her life.
Minervar has not heard anything from her traveling companions of old, the friends she made and lost during the time of the first book - ‘A Twist of Eternity’.
The elder races however remain disparate and few. Separated long ago by a war raged by a warring race keen on domination, a race that in their arrogance didn’t foresee that their greatest enemy would turn out to be themselves. For the war mongering ognods have never recovered from their civil war.
Of the other races the dwarves stay hidden, for the most part ignoring that which goes on around them, they stay in their halls below the mountains. The keepers remain as secretive as ever. The gnomes continue to struggle with internal strife, mourning the past and the decisions they were forced to make. As for the elves, they out of all the races seem happy with their lot for the most part, yet they still harbor a dark legacy, an impending doom that hangs over them. The T’Iea’Neat’Thegoran, the dark elves, they have gone to ground, hidden somewhere in the world or maybe without, their plans foiled for the time being, but waiting for their next opportunity to strike out.
But then there are the humans, the race of men, they continue to struggle with their own past, an old fear borne from great mistakes that continues to haunt them. Old hints of a forgotten past surface occasionally reminding them of their mortality and past weakness.
Suddenly a character from Minervar’s past arrives at the door unannounced with a surprising offer, an innocent opportunity that sparks both hers and her half daughter Nar’Allia’s imaginations. Little do they know that grasping this chance will turn both their worlds upside down. An unexpected disaster will befall them and their family. This single event thrusts Nar’Allia way out of her comfort zone. The resulting turmoil has her making discoveries of breath-taking substance that lead her to undertake deeds of epic proportions. Once again old adversaries are pitched against each other, with more than a few ‘twists’ along the way.

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