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Many Trails and Tales

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This is a small book of short articles and stories that are quick and easy to read. There may be times when the opportunity to read is short but it would be enjoyable to find some different reading material to fill in this space. It could be that starting to read a long novel would be impractical or you may not be sure of what subject areas might be of interest to you. This boo would give you some ideas of other subjects you might like to further explore.

This book has been put together in three separate sections. Each section has a heading of what that particular section is about and contains four articles or stories under that heading. Maybe you have a few minutes to relax and want to think about something different rather than what is on the daily agenda. You may be at an appointment waiting for your turn and need something to fill in the time. Other times you may need some ideas or subject matter for your own writing, a program idea or would like to explore some new interest to research . This could help you to get the thinking pattern going for a short time of entertainment or ideas that you may need.

Each story or article is one page or so and is complete in itself for the information it is intended to present. It is intended to be complete within itself and not go into long details. These are just thoughts and ideas to help promote an interest for the reader who may want to look into the subject area in more detail at another time.

I hope you find this format interesting and of some use to you. You may want to share all or part of it with someone else or even make it a good conversation piece. this can give you something new and different to talk about besides the same old boring news that we get day after dayl

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