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Gabriels Promise

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a perfect storm materializes when patrick bouchard, an underwater welder working in the shipyards of san pedro, california, loses his only child gabriel to cancer. driven by grief and rage he sets out on a quest to make those he feels responsible pay. specifically, standard pharmaceutical, the mega-corporation owning the hmo which denied radical treatment for his stage 4 terminally ill son. that wasn't right and someone had to be accountable, someone had to pay.
they'd pay alright but not in blood, that would be too easy and actually served no purpose. patrick had lost his son, his heart, and his faith. he couldn't get much lower. but from such depths treasures are found, and in the abyss of human suffering patrick devises a scheme to keep his promise to gabriel, to fight to the end. one way or another he'd make sure no child would be written off to justify a corporate balance sheet. the jack of broken hearts was about to introduce himself to sanford peck and his standard pharmaceutical empire. in a whirlwind adventure of high seas piracy stretching from the blue pacific waters off of baja california to warm waters of the mediterranean stretching from the south of france to the island of sicily, patrick leads a hand picked crew on his clever and vengeful quest for retribution. together they would keep gabriel's promise...

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