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Length: 337 pages5 hours


"Under the circumstances, it takes Nathan Habu a surprisingly short period of time to realise that he has died and is now in Hell."

Thus begins a confusing journey towards redemption as Habu makes his way through Purgatory in his efforts to be liberated into the Next World. He meets an assortment of Purgatory's other occupants, among them the extraordinarily alluring Kaiowas, Blindness the Bringer of Souls, and a mysterious, merciless agent of bad karma.

Being privy, in turn, to periods of brutally visceral Hell and sublime episodes in a turquoise room filled with absolute beauty, Habu is guided by the voice of a woman who transmits communiques directly into his mind. He must learn what Purgatory seeks to teach him, and settle accounts that overshadow him from the World of the Alive.

But Purgatory's layers of reality are more complicated than they initially seem.

The author recommends .pdf or .mobi versions for download, as some ebook readers are known to mangle even the most carefully formatted .epub file.

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