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Wandering Koala Digest 2

68 pages21 minutes


Most urban legends are rooted in truth but shrouded by mystery. The Wandering Koala is real, and only he can save a teenage soul who feels victimized by society and has let darkness consume his soul in a futile quest for justice.

On the other side of the country, an unidentified illness continues to ravage city after city forcing the governor to quarantine the state. As a young doctor shoulders the burden of saving his city from an unidentified illness, his finds his trials magnified by his colleagues’ deceit and betrayal. Only the Wandering Koala holds the key to the state’s salvation.

Wandering Koala Digest #2 contains a 35-page graphic novel, part 2 of a new science fiction novella, an original essay, and two pages of humorous comic strips.

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