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Seducing the Beast (Marked by the Beast Erotica Series)

Length: 34 pages29 minutes


Once a simple farmer's daughter, Daga is now a well-kept courtesan who sleeps on feather beds and wears priceless jewels. But her current protector is a cold man, and sometimes Daga feels as if she has no more freedom than the lord's chained Beast. A foul-tempered creature, the Beast is rumored to be an ancient soldier placed under a curse that has turned him into a monster. Daga has always felt a certain kinship with her lord's vicious "pet." But the day that he escapes and slaughters his captor, she realizes just how dangerous he is. And when the Beast finds his way to her bedchamber that night, she knows she will have to use every trick she's learned if she wants to survive the night.

*Please note: This erotic short story contains sexual content involving a man with nonhuman traits (a "Beast"). If this is not your cup of tea, please read elsewhere.*

Approx. 8,000 words

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