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Fingertips: Five Tales of Gothic Mystery and Monsters Reinvented

Length: 276 pages4 hours


Five short stories that could be called lost episodes of The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. These tales all involve an archetype of the horror/fantasy genre (ghost, zombie, creature) and promise exciting and surprising conclusions.

Trappings of the Past - In a future world where people work feverishly to forget the past, a two hundred year old skyscraper remains untouched in the midst of a sleek, updated downtown. Lurking within is a spirit whose anguish has yet to be soothed, and it will not let the world forget its tragic death.

One Piece at a Time - A package delivery driver is unnerved by strangely-labeled boxes and the even stranger recipient. He decides to investigate and finds a grisly operation occurring in the depths of the lavish home.

Operation Silver Phoenix - The world is overrun with zombies, or something like them. CDC operatives are forced to become reconnaissance soldiers in their search for information about the cause of the outbreak.

The Hero's Return - An average Joe escapes his mundane life by dreaming that he's an adventurer in a fantasy setting. One day he discovers that his fantasy world and reality are starting to overlap.

The Voice of Negation - A mother and son acquire a storage locker's contents through an auction. As they appraise the goods, they find a bizarrely constructed book and discover its terrible origin.

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