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People Skills Magic

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Here's a book that provides a down-to-earth way for you to change your life for the better. It does this, by doing an incredible job of teaching how to more adequately use people skills in dealings with fellow human beings. In fact, it does a better job of this than does Dale Carnegie’s 1936 classic, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

And that's saying a lot. But when the two books are objectively compared (if that’s possible, considering the huge respect Dale Carnegie’s book deservedly earned and still commands), you’ll be amazed as to how outstanding this new work is.

You will note its vast coverage of problems we all face, the way it makes complex things easy to understand, and its unique method of teaching.

These are things that make “People Skills Magic” the best and most thorough book ever written on the subject.

And what shouts this, is the book’s table of contents. Look it over and note how its 25 chapters and 200 plus sub-chapters cover just about every aspect imaginable on people skills and communication in general. And also note that the book provides solutions to hundreds of questions or situational problems like: Is my breath bad?; Should women shake hands?; When to say nothing; Should you tell a white lie?; How to soften a break-up with someone; How to soften a firing; and so on.

As to the book’s method of teaching, the author uses all kinds of real-world sketches, portraying situations that just about all us find ourselves in, day in and day out. The examples demonstrate what to and not do in daily contacts with people.

And underpinning these “how-tos” and “how-nots” lessons, is a bedrock of people skills principles, premised on common sense and the author’s experiences, including his mistakes and embarrassments.

He explains things in a well organized, fascinatingly interesting manner. And most importantly, he uses no technical “mumbo-jumbo,” the stuff found in so many self-help books. Far too many put us to sleep. So, we end up giving up on them not even half-way through.

In sharp contrast, this book is riveting and conversational. It’s like the author, a sage elder, is sitting at your kitchen table, chatting with you over coffee and a cookie. You don’t feel like you’re in a stuffy classroom taking a class that bores you silly.
In sum, this new book shows you how beneficially magical, people skills as well as communication skills can be. And how, if you diligently learn and consistently apply them, you can change your life fantastically for the better.

The results can be astounding.

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