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Owned by the Pack

Length: 276 pages4 hours


It's been several months since Caitlin got caught burglarizing the mansion owned by the stern, domineering leader of a large pack of werewolves. She made her choice then, between prison and restitution, and has been Benjamin's servant and bondage toy ever since. But while the sex has blown her mind, being kept naked and collared in his mansion has her feeling restive. She wants to wear clothes again, and wants more freedom. But when Benjamin's new pack mate moves in she might find herself with more freedom than she wants. If she can't convince Daryn and the pack she really is just a possession of their leader, she will have to leave. And the thought of leaving her new life of wild, wicked passion and sex to her old dull life being alone and burglarizing houses for money is NOT an attractive one. To make matters worse, the new vampire head, Jeremiah, has designs on Benjamin and his pack which involve recruiting Caitlin, whether she likes it or not! And then there's Kyle, the new addition to the household, huge and half wild, with nearly uncontrollable lust for anything female!

Warning: Graphic sex and sexuality. BDSM themes

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