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The Courage to Kill

Length: 327 pages4 hours


The young UC graduate went to her father's beachside condo the night he was murdered, but she doesn't remember shooting him. Janice Parrish had plenty reason to hate her father after recalling memories of the horrible sexual abuse as a child some 20 years ago. But even as she's booked on murder charges, she knows there was someone else at his house that night.
So begins Janice's dark journey through a tortuous psychological wasteland of false memory and real murder.
When San Diego crime reporter Ray Myers digs up evidence of the abuse, the story becomes a media event, and at once make both him and Janice targets of a psychopath who's on a grisly pursuit of revenge.
In a race against time to save Janice as well as his family, Myers must stop the stalking psychopath whose murder spree has only begun.
A psychological mystery, The Courage to Kill is a superb portrayal of the fallacies of the malleability in the treatment for repressed memory, a controversial subject whose impact has most fixated the mental health profession since Freud.

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