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The Leaving Tree

Length: 340 pages5 hours


What happens when an all-consuming love actually threatens to consume?
Theirs was the stuff upon which epic love stories are based: one man, one woman, and a chance meeting. It seemed innocent enough at first, a harmless flirtation.

Ever since childhood, thirty-year-old Hickman, Tennessee native Bryan Reeves has known he sees life a little differently than most: Bryan suffers from synesthesia. Numbers have colors, shown only to him, and a violin solo has visible sound waves. At the doctor’s office, Bryan meets Kathy Bentley, a Grammy-award-winning recording artist trying to stay under the radar in Nashville. When she speaks, much to his shock, he sees the same waves as if he were in a concert hall; this never has happened to him before. The clock on the wall begins to show its colors to him, and Bryan’s whole world is rocked to the core. It takes a nurse calling Kathy by her full name for him to realize he’s been casually flirting with a national celebrity. The indelible impression she leaves in those few moments stays with him as he returns to his job as a controller at an oil pipeline.

While brief, their chance meeting also has a profound effect on Kathy, leading her to realize that Bryan has something she desperately needs. Too proud to contact him herself, it takes a mother’s love to help them reunite. As their destinies intertwine, they embark on a journey that will forever change them. Can Bryan be himself and exist in Kathy’s world?

If all you want is to love and be loved, how far will you go, and how much of yourself are you willing to give?

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