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Pieces of Eight: Stories of Encounter and Tele

Length: 178 pages1 hour


‘Pieces of Eight: Stories of Encounter and Tele’ by Lorraine Michael, is a collection of tales of allure and intrigue from the author’s work in psychotherapy within acute psychiatry. The phrase, ‘Pieces of Eight’, used to refer to the most famous of all forms of pirate coins of treasure is chosen to depict the treasure trove of people, lives and stories – rich, precious, sacred and exquisite! Written in a dramatic, literary story-telling manner, the author demonstrates in living colour the premise of the ‘I-I’ mutual relationship and brings alive and to life the human being who is in the forefront of the work together. In this, she invites us all to examine how we relate to our own existence as well as the existence of others and how we honour, celebrate and restore humanity in each other.

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