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Ministry Leaders Handbook: Proper Protocol for Evangelists, Pastors, Prophets, Apostles and Teachers

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No longer will you walk into situations unprepared because of the lack of knowledge. Pastor and Evangelist, Shay Bills, thoroughly teaches the protocols of ministry that many leaders never receive prior to accepting engagements. She answers specific questions concerning those chosen as gifts to the Body of Christ in 5-Fold Ministry and Spiritual Leadership. Her gifts are on full display imparting valuable time-saving information about what to do before speaking, during and long after.
Pastor Richard Jewells of Texas writes, "This book has been missing from the resource library of men and women for years. It is a daily guide for spiritual growth and development for all ministers called to serve in the Spirit of Excellence." Whether you just answered the call or you have been in ministry or years, this handbook will save you the embarrassment of not knowing proper protocol in different religious settings as a servant of God's people. Topically written and concise for clear understanding and implementation as you seek to serve in honor of God.

"I needed this book five years ago. I can't imagine moving forward without having it by my side. This is truly a Kingdom tool for all ministers of the gospel." Rev. Kenneth Hill (Arkansas)

"As an Evangelist, I was always hesitant about what to do after the preached word. Pastor Shay's wisdom in this book has helped me overcome that hurdle and so many more." Evangelist Kimberly Snow (Oklahoma)

"I don't know about anyone else in ministry but I do know about myself and I want to say this book has been a Ministry-Saver for me. I was just about to throw in the towel because I didn't have support or help in my ministry. Thankfully this book came out just in time." Marcus Brewer, Bible Teacher (Texas)

"Thank God for gifts to the Body of Christ. This book will be with me daily on my journey in the Lord. Every Christian Leader needs this handbook." Pastor Beverly Knoxx (Georgia)

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